How To Start Sewing Business? [4 Easy Steps]

In spite of the huge market of readymade products by apparel industries, the sewing business is running smoothly. At present, a Needleman earns more than $10 per hour. Many people go to a tailor-master to get dresses that fit perfectly well with their body size.

So, if you are a Needleman or good at sewing, you can start a very business of your own. In this article, we are going to discuss how to start sewing business step by step. Let’s dive in.

How to Start Sewing Business

Things To Do Before Starting A Sewing Business:

There are certain things that you need to fix before you start the sewing business. Like other businesses, a plan is very important. Here are the things you need to fix before you think of opening a sewing business as an entrepreneur:

1. Find Your Field Of Expertise:

There are two kinds of sewing businesses you can plan on: alteration or repairing and custom sewing. 

Alteration and repairing are the most common as well as basic sewing businesses. It is good for those who have a little space and can invest a small amount of money. Many people who buy readymade products from the retail market cannot wear those straight without altering. As those are of fixed size, the users need the clothing to conform to their size and that’s the time they go to someone who knows the work of alteration.

However, you can also go for custom sewing business if you have good machines with a collection of fabrics. Many people need custom size dresses, especially people who are very fat or very lean. Some people also use a Needleman to make their dresses because they love to wear dresses that are according to their own customization.

On top of that, you also need to determine what type of dresses you will make in your business. It can be only for men, or for women. At the same time, you can think about bridal swing business, crafts, and home item business if you have skills in those fields.

So, it is very important to choose which type of sewing business is for you and where you have the expertise and interest.

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2. Analyze SWOT:


SWOT stands for Strength, Weakness, Opportunity, and Threat. No matter what business you go for, it is important to know your strengths, weakness, threats, and opportunities.

If you intend to start a sewing business, it is important to accurately understand and analyze where you have strength, where you need improvement, how can you minimize the threats or obstacles, and what are the future opportunities that you may avail if you get yourself engaged in this business. You should never start your business without analyzing all these things.

3. Fix Your Source Of Investment:

Fixing your source of investment is another important aspect to start the business. If you are starting the business as solopreneur in small scale with few orders per week, then maybe you or your family can afford the capital needed to buy your machine.

But if your aim is high and you want a big business, you can take a loan from the bank to start the business. The amount of capital depends on the sewing machines and the space you need. As a sewing machine can range from 170$ to 6000$, you need to first find out which one is perfect for you to buy and you need to think about your capital accordingly.

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4. Fix Your Price:

Though the price may vary from product to product, you can fix some set price with usual products. For example, if you produce shirts and pants of men and skirts for women, you can have a set price for all these items if they are ordered without any special requirement. This will help the customers to compare your price with the market and will buy from you if they think your price is attractive.

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How To Promote Your Sewing Business:

Now that you have started your business, you need to think about how you can get more customers to buy from you.  There are certain things that can use to attract customers to buy and make dresses from you.

Some of these are:

1. A Good Location Of Your Physical Shop:

A good location with good interior and exterior design will help your customers to know you better. If you open your business in a grocery market or in a place where there are very few customers, it is not going to excel.

Find a place where you will have many clients and choose a place near other businesses of similar kind or where you can be easily located.

2. Attractive Price:

You need to research the market around you to see how your competitors are selling their service. If you can offer an attractive price and you work well, you can definitely expect a good client base for the long term.

3. Advertisement:

People may find it difficult to find your business if you do not promote it to others. You can use both offline and online media to promote your business. TV, magazine, newspaper ads will help you to get local customers. However, at present social media marketing is also a very popular and effective way to market your business to millions at a lower price.

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Some Books That You Can Get Help to Start a Sewing Business:

We would like to recommend some amazing books if you want to know more about the beginning and management of sewing business. 

The first book you can read is Sewing to Sell- The beginner’s guide which will guide you to sell products locally and online. To inspire you in business, these books cover the interview of 4 successful women who are successful in their sewing business. 

You should read How to Start a Home-based Fashion Design Business if you are a designer and eager to start a home-based sewing business.

The Business of Teaching Sewing if you think that you can teach sewing along with the business to the students, this book is a great resource as a teachers’ guide.

More Sewing to Sell comes with professional advice from industry experts. And you will get 16 exclusive royalty-free sewing patterns to start apart from the crowd of traditional sellers.

How to Start and Maintain a Profitable Sewing Business, the name tells all about this book. This book will help you to know how to start sewing business and you can market your business to more clients with a view to making your business way more profitable than your competitors