5 Best Chair For Sewing Machine

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Flash Furniture Mid-Back...
Best Choice
Boss Office Products...
Boss Office Products...
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Reliable SewErgo...
Reliable SewErgo...
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Flash Furniture Mid-Back...

For most sewing enthusiasts the first thing they want to spend their money on is a high-quality sewing machine, and we totally respect that. How else would you sew up those fine-looking dresses or complete making that quilt you have wanted to spread across your bed? If hand sewing is not your thing then a sewing machine must be the first thing on your list but there is one more thing that deserves a place on your list of things to buy and it has everything to do with your comfort in the sewing or crafting room.

Okay enough with the suspense. We are talking about a sewing machine chair.

If you are thinking to yourself that you had already decided on grabbing an ordinary chair from somewhere around the house and placing it in front of the sewing table before getting to work then you need to erase that idea from your mind right now.

Consider the amount of time you will be spending on your projects and how many hours during that period will you be glued to your sewing chair? We are guessing a lot more than a few minutes.

So the least you can do for your own comfort is to invest in a chair built for sewing enthusiasts like yourself who love to spend endless hours on their projects and like to be comfortable while doing so. Your butt will thank you for it.

Best Chair for Sewing

Top 5 Sewing Chairs Review 2020

The following table represents the best chair for sitting at sewing machine. Without saying much let’s have a look:

Image Name Weight Dimensions Price
Flash Furniture Mid-Back White Mesh Padded Swivel Task Chair 21 pounds 25.5 x 23.5 x 37.5″ Buy On Amazon
Boss Office Products B1615-Bk Ergonomic Works Drafting Chair 32 Pounds 25 x 25 x 44.5″ Buy On Amazon
Amazon Basics Multi-Purpose Sewing Chair 18.19 pounds 18.5 x 15.8 x 36.6″ Buy On Amazon
Arrow Sewing Chair with Storage, H8013 25.7 pounds 29 x 18 x 18″ Buy On Amazon
Reliable SewErgo Ergonomic Task Sewing Chair 28 pounds 22 x 21 x 40″ Buy On Amazon
Modway Veer Drafting Stool-Chair 32 pounds 22.5 x 25.5 x 50″ Buy On Amazon

If we managed to convince you to finally start searching the market for sewing machine chairs then we might as well give you something to start with. We are hoping by the time you are done checking out our list of the best chair for sewing machine you will not need to look anywhere else.

1# Flash Furniture Mid-Back Sewing Chair

Best Task Chair for Sewing

Our first product is the Swivel task Chair that comes with a padded mid-back and seat.

2 inches of CA117 fire retardant foam is used to provide the cushioning your back and buttocks need during the work. The foam is covered in breathable mesh upholstery for extra flex and breathability which makes it the best task chair for sewing.

Height of the chair you can adjust to a level of sewing comfort for yourself or when sharing the chair with other members of the family. A pneumatic height adjustment lever located under the seat is provided to raise or lower the seat as needed.

The mid-back task chair design supports your back and protects it from the strain which can lead to a sore back or back injuries in the long run. Many people who use stools with no back support often complain of back pain but you can avoid any such health issues by using this well-designed chair to sit on for all your crafts and tasks.

To allow you to easily transport the chair from one room to another or reach for other sewing tools within the room the chair comes with dual wheel casters built attached to the durable chrome base.

This ideal chair is available in a variety of colors and you can even choose to have it with or without arms. It is the perfect little chair for sewing, studying, or even to chill with a book on those lazy afternoons.

  • Mid-back support and padded mesh back and seat for comfort
  • Fire retardant foam for safety
  • Comes with dual casters for easy rolling across the floor and around the house
  • Maximum weight capacity of 250lbs
  • The padding could have been thicker for more comfort during long hours of sitting
  • Some customers had issues with the backrest staying up due to weak screws

2# Boss Office Products B1615-Bk Ergonomic Works Drafting Chair – Best Chair for Sewing with Foot Ring

Best Sewing Chair for Back

Now here is a height adjustable chair without wheels that is designed to give your back, butt, and legs all the support they need while you are busy working on your projects.

The ergonomically built drafting chair from Boss is contoured to perfectly accommodate your working body and busy mind.

Built-in lumbar support allows you to lift your legs and rest them above ground level to prevent the feeling of numbness. By relaxing your legs on the 20-inch high-quality chrome ring blood circulation is increased thus allowing you to work more comfortably.

There is also the waterfall seat with back support to reduce the risk of back pain while the optional adjustable arm gives you the opportunity to choose your preferred design and model to suit your working style.

Compatible with most drafting desks and standing height desks, you can alter the overall height from anywhere between 44.5 inches to 49.5 inches using the simple pneumatic gas lift seat height adjustable hydraulic lever. The perfect height will give you comfort for many hours of work.

The 27 inches nylon base is made sturdy using the 5-star format with a hooded double wheel caster on each leg for portability. Most importantly the entire chair is made by high quality materials for long-lasting usage.

  • Contoured back and seat for maximum back and lower body support
  • Large chrome foot ring for leg support
  • Hooded double wheel casters make rolling across the floor smooth and easy
  • Adjustable seat height
  • Available in assorted colors
  • The foot ring may cause discomfort to those whose height does not support the extra feature
  • Some users mentioned that after some time the chair wouldn’t hold the maximum height

3# Amazon Basics Multi-Purpose Stool with Back Cushion – Best Basic Chair for Sewing

Best for Multipurpose Sewing Chair

If you are looking for a multi-purpose stool with back support to use at home or at work then check out this Amazon-branded drafting stool.

This one is the best adjustable back sewing stool chair with its black bonded leather upholstery, heavy-duty construction, and back support design.

With a 250-pound weight capacity, the stool can easily accommodate adult sewing enthusiasts looking forward to spending their time concentrating and working on their projects while not having to worry about comfort or the lack of it rather.

The seat can be adjusted to a height ranging from 20.3 inches to 25.4 inches from the ground whereas the heavy-duty dual wheel firmly fitted on the chrome arched base will make rolling the stool on the floor fun and easy.

As most would argue that drafting stools are not the most comfortable ones to sit on for longer periods, this item however with its adjustable height and supportive back cushion offers maximum comfort and convenience.

  • Looks stylish with its black bonded leather upholstery
  • Maximum weight capacity of 250 lbs
  • Adjustable height
  • Easy to roll across the floor
  • The casters are not the strongest made
  • Minor design flaws reported

4# Reliable SewErgo 150SE Ergonomic – Best Ergonomic Chair for Sewing

Best Ergonomic Sewing Chair

Unlike most of the items on our list that are mostly multi-purpose chairs or stools, the SewErgo 150SE has been designed specially for sewers.

The chair comes with most of the essential features that are required to make sewing time more efficient and longer working hours less stressful.

To start off, the SewErgo 150SE incorporates proper lumbar support to keep your spine correctly aligned. This promotes better blood circulation and prevents pain resulting from poor sitting posture.

The back of the chair can be tilted to allow flexibility and good back support so that you can stretch and move comfortably within the chair.

With an easy to use height up down lever, the seat can be raised much high above the ground to accommodate tall users or brought down to a lower height for the petite.

A fully clothed backrest, foam cushioning material, and 62 percent recycled polyester make up for the overall comfort of the chair.

There are no wheels on this chair, which may be a disappointment for some but it is fitted with durable glides that ensure that your floors with being safe from scratches and damage. While wheels may make rolling a chair much easier, having glides instead makes it more stable. This is why we choose it the best chair for sitting at sewing machines.

  • Features special contoured cushions for ultimate comfort
  • Adjustable height
  • Full lumbar support
  • Sturdy glides instead of wheels
  • It offer year of warranty for its material
  • No drawbacks unless you wanted a chair with wheels

5# Modway Veer Drafting Stool-Chair – Best Chair for Sewing with Foot Ring

Best Adjustable Back Sewing Chair

Our final product in the list of fabric office chairs with arms and wheels is the Veer Drafting Chair by Modway, portraying an elegant design with ergonomic features fit for any task at any work location.

As a sewer, you will find extra comforts while sitting and working on this perfect chair with its form-fitted mesh back and adequately padded waterfall mesh seat. Its contoured design ensures that your back, spine, and whole of the lumber region maintain a correct posture while you focus on your projects.

Not only can you adjust the height of the seat but you can also adjust the chair arms to match your seating arrangement. In this way, you can easily rest your legs on the foot ring and relax your arms on the 90° flip-up armrests all at the same time.

A control knob with lock secures the backrest to hold your body’s weight, further ensuring better posture and stability.

If your work station is on a higher platform the chair’s extra tall gas cylinder and maximum height will enable you to comfortably position yourself to the level required. 

Finally, this perfect sewing chair is fitted with hooded dual-wheel casters to allow smooth rolling and gliding over any surfaces in your craft room.

  • Visually pleasing
  • Well-padded seat
  • Contoured back and seat for correct spine alignment
  • Adjustable seat height and armrest
  • Includes ring and wheels
  • Strong chair frame
  • The ring has a small diameter compared to the width and thickness of the seat, which may make it uncomfortable for some users to reach for the ring without having to bend the knee quite a bit.
  • Not very easy to assemble

Buying Guide for Best Sewing Machine Chairs

While you shop a chair for sewing table it is important to keep a few things in mind to allow yourself to bring home the right product. Let’s take a look at the factors that need to be considered.

best sewing chair

1. Size

The first thing you need to check out is the seat size or rather the dimensions of the chair.

If crafting chairs are not spacious enough to accommodate your hips and legs comfortably then you will not enjoy sitting on it for more than a few minutes. The petite can do with bigger chairs but it gets extremely uncomfortable for people with larger frames to squeeze in smaller chairs and work for long time so mind the size of the chair before anything else.

2. Upholstery Material

The material used for the seat and the back play an important role in not only the comfort level but also in the durability of the chair.

Leather can make a chair look elegant and chic while also being one of the easiest materials to keep clean, but it can also very easily get pierced if it comes in contact with a sharp object.

Go for fabrics that are not harsh against the skin, easy to clean and also durable enough to withstand everyday usage.

3. Contoured Back and Seat

If you want to avoid a sore back or legs then you need to invest in a chair that is ergonomically designed to give your back and lumbar region all the support they require during long hours of activity.

With proper posture and correct spine alignment, you can work for as long as you desire without putting your health at risk to find out how much support the sewing chairs with back support are designed to provide.

4. Sturdy Base

A chair with a weak base will not be able to hold your weight and will eventually break down or lose its stability within a short while.

The amount of weight a chair can hold depends greatly on how strong the base is so if you are a large person in need of a chair with a high weight capacity then you need to make sure that the base is built with strong materials to support your weight and also last for a longer period.

Metal is a great option as it is one of the most durable materials but it can be quite expensive. Plastic is less durable but more affordable, making it very common.

If you do decide to go for a plastic model then make sure it is the hard and durable kind of plastic that lasts longer than the cheap kind.

5. Adjustable Features

It is always nice to have a chair that allows for customization because not every person has the same built or requirements for comfort.

If your chair allows adjustable depth and some height adjustments to be made then you can easily modify it to suit your comfort level and work requirements. Some chairs also come with backrests that can be tilted and locked in position and armrests that can be flipped, raised or lowered to match your seating style.

6. Glide or Wheels

Whether you want wheels or not depends entirely on your personal liking. While having wheels makes it easier to roll the chair across the floor and also transport it from one room to another without having to pick it up, some feel that wheels don’t do much for stability when it comes to keeping the chair firmly grounded on the floor.

If you decide to go for a chair without wheels then at least make sure that it comes fitted with glides so that you can protect your floor from skid marks, scratches, and damage of any kind.

Frequently Asked Questions

What adjustable or extra features should I look for when choosing the sewing chairs?

Pick a chair that comes with adjustable seat and back height because these two features will allow you to customize the chair to fit your needs best. Extra features that add to the comfort and convenience are wheels and of course thick padding on the back and seat.

How difficult is it to assemble the models mentioned in this post?

Most of the chairs included in our list are easy to assemble. The chairs reach you unassembled to avoid any damage along the way but the parts are easy to put together and can be set up in less than an hour on most occasions.

How can I make my workspace more comfortable?

Once you have a comfortable chair to sit on you also need to ensure that your workspace is well lit and your table or work-counter is of comfortable height. A table of low height will cause you to hunch and strain your back so choose a high table and adjust your chair to match accordingly. Bright lights above your work area will help you see things better and also protect your eyes from too much strain.

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Final Words

If you ask us which model of chair listed above is the best chairs for sewing enthusiasts planning to spend hours working on projects then we probably cannot pick just one out for you because it all comes down to user preference.

But what we can do is assure you that each and every model comes with benefits that a sewer or any dedicated worker would be glad to have in their task chair.

Look out for the features that best suit your working style and workspace and you should have no problem in picking the best chair for sewing room one for your needs in the end.


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