5 Best Sewing Table & Cabinet Reviews

Best Sewing Table

Having the right sewing and craft tables makes sewing a much better experience, allowing you to have your own little space to spend hours on beautiful creations and doing so in the most organized way possible.

A well-made sewing machine cabinets and tables should be designed to hold all your sewing equipment, have sufficient storage, and be built to last with sturdy legs and an even large working surface.

Now it is not easy to find the best sewing tables because the market has hundreds of models up for sale which can all get pretty overwhelming for someone buying their first sewing table.

But we are here to make things easier for you. We have compiled a list of high-quality sewing tables crafted for those who seek more than just a traditional work table.

Our list of the top 5 best sewing table available on the market today will allow you to compare and pick a model which you think is fit for your sewing needs.

With an in-depth review of each product, we give you our unbiased opinion so you can decide better at the end.

Top 5 Best Sewing Tables Reviewed

1# Southern Enterprise Eaton Rolling Craft Station

Best Portable Sewing Machine Table
Southern Enterprise Eaton Rolling Craft Station

Our first sewing table is the very elegant Eaton Rolling Craft Station in white. This beautifully designed craft sewing table comes with foldable parts to complement tight spaces and make more room for movement.

The table has an extension table that can be pushed down to rest on the side when not in use.  When extended it serves as an excellent work area to for ironing or keeping extra accessories at hands reach.

With the extension, table collapsed the table measures 31.5’’ in length, 19’’ in depth and 29.5’’ in height. The area of work is enlarged to 51’’ in length with the table extended.

The top of the table can take a load of 30 lbs while the extended table can hold up to 20 lbs of weight. There are 4 side shelves and a footrest that can be used as a sewing cabinet to hold other essential sewing tools and items such as your iron, embroidery books, and accessories.

Also featuring lockable casters, you can easily move the table around the house and set it up when you feel is most convenient for you.  Made from high-grade MDF and melamine paper and weighing at 50 lbs the sewing table is built to last.

  • Elegant white design
  • Built to save space with fold down leaf
  • Easy to transport with lockable casters
  • Comes with 4 shelves and a footrest
  • Some customers have mentioned that assembling the table can be quite difficult and time-consuming

2# Sew Ready Comet Sewing Machine Table

Best type of table for a sewing machine

Sew Ready Comet Table

If you struggle to make space for a large sewing table then you should check out the Comet Sewing Table by Studio Designs.

Designed for small apartments or where space is limited, the table folds down to minimize space and smartly positions it anywhere you find most suitable.

It is a highly functional work stable that can be used for more projects alongside sewing and its lightweight construction makes it perfect to transport from room to room without much effort.

With a drop down platform you can adjust the tabletop height to be leveled with your machine’s base height so you can easily glide fabrics across the top as you sew.

With the bottom shelf serving as a great place to hold your basket or box of sewing accessories and the drop leaf extending to create more working area, you can always look forward to working in a more organized and comfortable style.

  • Steel construction with four-floor levelers for better stability and durability
  • Folding side shelf
  • Versatile design
  • Some faced difficulties in assembling the table
  • There were some reports of the table vibrating while working with sewing machines on full power

3# Studio Designs Eclipse Sewing Machine Table

Elegant Sewing Table

The Eclipse has been cleverly created by combining a sewing table and a computer desk to deliver a work station that is convenient, stylish and space efficient.

With a drop-down platform, you can easily extend or reduce the working area according to your needs. The extended version provides you with ample sewing space to work comfortably with all your tools and equipment after which you can fold down the extra bit to cut down on space.

Another adjustable feature on the desktop is the platform which can be raised or lowered to align your sewing machine’s base height to the table top for easy gliding of fabrics.

To ensure long life and durability the table has been crafted out of metal with a laminate coating to prevent damage from everyday use.

  • Adjustable platform for variety of work
  • Extendable side for large work space
  • Comes with floor levelers for stability
  • 10-year limited manufacturer’s warranty
  • Some customers received tables where the side leaf did not line up to the rest of the table
  • Not enough storage space or extra shelves

4# Sauder 411615 Sewing Cabinet Craft Cart

Additonal Storage Sewing Table

Sauder 411615 Sewing Craft Cart

This beautiful sewing cabinet craft and table for sewing machine from the Sauder Select Collection has been designed to provide you with all the space and comfort needed to work on your special projects.

The sewing craft cart table serves as an exceptional workstation with a drop leaf for extra workspace and a lot of storage to keep your job area looking neat and organized. There is a roll-open door that reveals two storage drawer and a hidden shelf to safely store your sewing machine away.

In addition to that, there are two more shelves that are fully adjustable behind the door. The table looks elegant with a cinnamon cherry finish and roll casters which you can easily push to transport the table to any part of your home.

  • Designed to save space
  • Lots of shelves and storage area
  • Dropdown leaf for extra top surface
  • Easy roll casters
  • Heat, stain, and scratch resistant melamine coated surface
  • Some found the table difficult to assemble
  • Reports of table arriving with scratches

5# SewingRite 101 Sew Station Sewing Cart

Best sewing table for small spaces

SewingRite 101 Sew Station Sewing Cart

It is always a great idea to invest in a sewing table that can be used for multiple tasks. That way you get more work done without having to give up on too much space or spend extra cash on buying extra work tables.

The Sew Station 101 heavy duty sewing table is strong enough to hold a sewing machine that weighs up to 25 lbs while also serving as a cutting table for fabrics.

With 5.5 square feet of work area, you get ample space to layout your fabrics before measuring and cutting them as per your project requirements. If you are worried about scratch marks left from cutting then have no such fear because the laminate tabletop is designed to resist cut marks. As well as it has adjustable height features.

With a foldable design, you can break your table down to a size compact enough to store in your closet or even under your bed. Built with steel leg pins the table will not wobble or shake even when working with heavy-duty sewing machines.

  • Serves as a sewing table and a cutting table
  • Scratch-resistant table-top
  • Comes with an adjustable drop-down to fit various sewing machines
  • Stable and sturdy
  • Adjustable height sewing table
  • Folding sewing table
  • There are no major drawbacks to this sewing/cutting table however the lack of extra shelves or storage may be a concern for some.

How to Choose the Best Sewing Table

You have to consider below factors when buying the sewing tables.

Work Top Surface Area

If you have limited space in the room where you plan to set your sewing table you might be tempted to pick a model with a smaller surface area but this could be a mistake.

Remember you don’t just need a table to hold your sewing machine, you need a workstation where you can place your machine, work on it and still have enough area left to do other stuff like pinning, ironing, cutting, etc.

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However, if you just cannot afford to place a table with a large work surface in the room or if you already have a counter where you do all the other stuff besides work on your machine then we recommend picking a model that is not too spacious but convenient enough to work on comfortably.

Storage Space

Sewing tables have a lot of empty space underneath as most of the work takes place on the tabletop which is the working area. But clever manufacturers know how to utilize the empty space by adding cabinets and drawers for storage purposes.

As long as you have enough leg area the rest of the space underneath the table should be put into good use and what better use than having means to keeping all your crafting accessories safely organized within reach?

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Sturdy and Stable

You don’t want your table shaking continuously while you are working on the sewing machine.  Look for a table with sturdy and balanced legs that offer stability so that you can work comfortably.

A weak or poorly constructed sewing table will not be able to stay put when you operate your machine on high, putting both you and all the contents on the table at risk so pick a table that is durable, strong, and stable.


This is particularly useful for those who cannot afford to dedicate a sewing room or permanent spot for the sewing table in the house. Portable sewing tables for small spaces are easy to move around one’s home and set up wherever convenient for the user.

They usually come with rolling casters so you can effortlessly transport the table from one area to another and then secure the table on the preferred spot by locking the wheels to stop them from moving.

To make even more room you can go for foldable sewing tables that are designed to collapse for easy storage. They are great for really tight spaces but don’t expect them to be super durable.

Adjustable Sewing Machine Platform

With an adjustable sewing platform, you can align your sewing machine to the tabletop height to allow smooth gliding of fabrics. This makes stitching faster and more effortless with fewer chances of the fabric creasing.

Easy Assemble

Get a table that is easy to assemble. Many sewing tables come pre-assembled which seem more convenient but it is better to pick one that requires assembling so that you can set it according to your preference. Just make sure that the process is not hard or too time-consuming.

Why Own a Sewing Table?

Every sewing enthusiast should own the sewing table because having one in the house has more benefits than you would have guessed.

With a sewing table, you have the perfect spot for your sewing machine and operating the machine will seem much easier and effective while it is placed on a sewing table.

If your sewing table comes with storage space then you can use up that space to keep all your sewing accessories nicely organized, leaving your crafting area tidy and clutter-free.

Depending on the model of table you pick, you could also have all the space required to complete every work related to your sewing project starting from cutting to ironing to stitching, all done in one particular area.

So by investing in a high-quality sewing table, you will be treating yourself to a lovely workstation of your own where you can complete your projects in peace and be proud of your accomplishments in the end.


We selected our top best sewing table and reviewed them here today on the basis of their features, durability, user convenience and price. We believe that the needs of every sewing enthusiast are unique and we kept that in mind while compiling the list.

We hope our post today was fun and informative and has helped you come to a decision on which sewing table you would want for your home. Happy Sewing!

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