24 Best Iron for Quilting and Sewing Reviews

Quilting is one of those crafting hobbies that are productive and highly rewarding. Only those who quilt truly understand the pleasure they get from creating something unique and so functional. Best iron for quilting is one of those tools that necessity is very important for every quilter.

Some like to have their self-made quilts decorate the beds in their own homes while some professional quilters make a living out of making and selling their work. It is also a common tradition to have quilts passed down from one generation to another. 

If you know how to quilt then you have a gift, a talent to put bits and pieces of fabric together and create a piece of art that is exceptional and beautiful. But like every quilter learns along the way, you need the right tools to get the results you desire.

Once you have planned out your design and chosen your fabrics,patterns, colors you will need a good quality iron to prepare the materials for your work. You could do with just about any iron but you wouldn’t be happy with the results in the end because there are some features that iron needs to be equipped with when working on quilts.

With a wide variety of irons available in the market, it isn’t easy to know which one will work best. The most common problem associated with cheaply made irons is that they don’t heat upright which may lead to burns or they start to show signs of leakage within a few days of use.

But we are here with a solution. To help you save time and the pressure of going through a frustrating search in order to find the best iron for quilters we have put together a list right here.

We have also included a buyer’s guide which should explain all the factors that need to be considered while making your final decision about a product.

best iron for quilting


Best Iron For Quilting In 2020 Reviews

What are the best iron to buy? We’ve done our research and listed below different types of best iron on the market you can buy today. We hope this list makes your decision a lot easier.

1. Rowenta DW9280 - Overall Best 

24 Best Iron for Quilting and Sewing ReviewsRowenta DW9280 Digital Display Steam Iron

Highlighted Features:

  • 1800 watts of power.
  • Stainless steel sole-plate.
  • 3.85 lbs weight.
  • Led indicator.

The first model in our list is Rowenta DW9280. This steam force iron is the perfect tool for those seeking an iron that will effortlessly remove wrinkles and leave fabrics looking smooth and proper. You can work quickly on your quilt patterns and have each piece ready for sewing in record time.

The iron is packed with smart features that can be adjusted to the requirements of the fabric working with. The stainless steel sole-plate has 400 micro-holes spread across to ensure that steam is evenly released onto the material.

The ultra-thin scratch-resistant and nonstick coating on the soleplate ensures that the iron glides with ease over all kinds of fabrics, saving even the most delicate materials from damage.

The Rowenta DW9280 is the best steam iron to buy for sewing and quilting run by an 1800 watt Power and Pump injection technology that aims to produce 30% more steam than traditional steam irons, resulting in fast and flawless performance. This high tech power is essential when pressing larger fabrics like quilts, bed sheets, and bed covers.

Operating the iron is very simple with its one-touch controls doing all the work for you. An LED display highlights the selected fabric to indicate the accurate temperature of the soleplate for safe usage.

The automatic energy-saving mode is activated once the iron sits idle for a while,saving water and electricity. The iron is also low maintenance with a self-clean system incorporated to prolong the life of the tool and keep its performance at peak. We have more in-depth reviews of Rowenta DW9280 in case if you want to check.


  • Adjustable controls make the iron fit for all kinds of fabrics.
  • Even distribution of steam.
  • Stainless steel soleplate prevents damage to delicate fabrics.
  • Smart one-touch control with LED display.
  • Self-cleaning and Iron Auto shut off feature.


  • The blue casing makes it difficult to see how much water is left in the reservoir.
  • Reports of leakage.

2. CHI Steam Iron for Clothes(13106)

24 Best Iron for Quilting and Sewing ReviewsCHI Steam Iron for Clothes(13106)

Highlighted Features:

  • 1700 watts of power.
  • Ceramic sole-plate.
  • 4.15 lbs weight.
  • 8 foot retractable cord.

With the Chi Flat Iron Technology incorporated in the Chi Retractable Cord Iron, you can expect smooth operation and professional results within the comforts of your own home.The iron is designed to remove fabric fold and stubborn creases from your favorite shirts, dresses and other delicate clothing. The iron also has ample steam power to work on large pieces like quilts and bedding.

The titanium-infused ceramic soleplate is engineered in the same manner as the ceramic plates found on flat-irons used for styling hair designed by the company. This gives customers an assurance that if a product is safe enough to be used on one’s hair then the same technology used on a steam iron will deliver even better results. There are over 400 steam holes that will evenly distribute the steam across the fabric, smoothing out every inch of the material as you glide the iron effortlessly over the fabric.

Once you choose the fabric you will be working on from the Fabric Guide, the temperature of the iron will be set accordingly to ensure effective and safe pressing. The Fabric Guide is a pre-installed system that automatically adjusts the iron to heat up-to the right temperature for various fabrics. This eliminates guesswork from your part and reduces the risks of burning the fabric.

For quick and easy operation, you can adjust the steam lever to select the amount of steam to be released depending on the condition of the fabric you wish to iron. The handle comes with a textured grip that enables you to take full control of the tool and use it comfortably. The 8-foot retractable cord is worth mentioning as it makes storage so much easier. Premium materials are used in the construction of the iron to increase durability while the matte chrome finish protects the tool from scratches and other damages.


  • Ceramic soleplate enables smooth gliding.
  • Non-stick effect.
  • Fabric guide eliminates guesswork and sets the right temperature for work.
  • Quick and easy to operate functions.
  • Comfortable grip.
  • Automatic shut off.


  • No digital display.
  • Heavy weight.

3. Sunbeam Classic Anti-Drip Iron

24 Best Iron for Quilting and Sewing ReviewsSunbeam Classic 1200 Watt Mid-size Anti-Drip Non-Stick Soleplate Iron

Highlighted Features:

  • 1200 watts of power.
  • Non stick sole-plate.
  • 2.7 lbs weight.
  • 8 foot swivel cord.

A traditional iron with an anti-drip system might just be the tool you need to quilt with less drama and more fun. The Sunbeam Classic Iron is easy to use with all the right features to help you work on your projects with precision. The soleplate ensures a smooth glide over even the most delicate fabrics while removing wrinkles from every inch.

The dual steam options include Shot of Steam and Vertical Shot of Steam features that allow you to steam out wrinkles from both flat surfaces and hanging fabrics. Then there is the anti-drip system which eliminates the chances of any water leakage no matter what temperature you set the tool to. You can activate the timer to shut off after 30 minutes to save energy and promote safe usage.

The iron comes with a self-cleaning feature that gets rid of minerals from within the tool, thus prolonging the life of the iron and keeping its performance on check for days-to come. The 8 foot 360° swivel cord is designed to put an end to annoying cords that tangle during work, hence enabling the quick operation and more productivity.


  • Non-stick soleplate enables smooth glide.
  • Anti-drip system prevents leakage.
  • Timed auto-shutoff.
  • 360° swivel cord.


  • The edges of the iron may not be too smooth which could result in pulling very fine garments such as silk.
  • Some reports on the steam spraying not working as expected.

4. Maytag M400 Speed Heat Steam Iron for quilting

24 Best Iron for Quilting and Sewing ReviewsMaytag M400 Speed Heat Steam Iron

Highlighted Features:

  • 1500 watts of power.
  • Stainless steel sole plate.
  • 3.3 lbs weight.
  • 8 foot swivel cord.

The Maytag M400 is effective ironing tool that is designed for quick action and less power consumption. The iron is amped up to 1500 watts and takes approx 40 to 50 seconds to reach full heat,saving you both time and energy. The steam generates in 3 seconds with the anti-wrinkle spray ensuring that no crease is left unattended.

The stainless steel soleplate glides smoothly and effortlessly over fabrics with even distribution of steam and heat working together to deliver perfect results. With the vertical steam spraying system, you can steam out wrinkles from hanging garments, eliminating the need to bring them down on a flat surface for ironing.

The iron also includes a precision thermostat that only requires you to turn the dial and select the fabric to set the temperature accordingly. This ensures safety for the fabrics and the use of accurate heat for all kinds of materials. Other essential features include a 360-degree cord for tangle-less functioning, self-cleaning system, and 3-way auto shut-off.


  • Vertical steam for working on hanging garments.
  • Large thermostat knob.
  • Self-cleaning.


  • Uses up water quite fast- requires frequent refilling.
  • A few reports of leakage.

5. Steamfast SF-717 Mini Steam Iron

24 Best Iron for Quilting and Sewing ReviewsSteamfast SF-717 Mini Steam Iron

Highlighted Features:

  • 420 watts of power.
  • Non-stick sole plate.
  • 1 lbs weight.
  • 7.5 foot power cord.

If you are looking for a quilting iron that is sized for hassle-free travel but equipped with enough power to work on heavy loads of fabric on a daily basis then you should definitely check out the Vornado SF-717 Iron. The dual voltage feature allows you to select between 100 and 240 volts while the included travel bag and measuring cup makes it convenient for short trips and tidy storage.

Equipped with a 1.4-ounce water tank that heats up in 15 seconds, there will be no wasting of valuable time when you need to get things done fast. This mini iron is strong enough to work on heavy fabric and smooth out larger items such as quilts, curtains, table linens, and bedding while being perfectly compact in size to reach for tight areas such as pockets, cuffs, and collars. There are 3 temperature settings available for various fabrics with a 1-touch steam control that removes wrinkles from fabrics within seconds.


  • Dual voltage.
  • Anti-slip handle for better control.
  • Quick heating and easy operation.
  • Portable mini iron.


  • There is no auto-shut feature.
  • Durability of the steam-function may be a concern in the long run.

6. Rowenta DW5080 Micro Steam Iron

24 Best Iron for Quilting and Sewing ReviewsRowenta DW5080 Micro Steam Iron

Highlighted Features:

  • 1700 watts of power.
  • Stainless-steel sole plate.
  • 4 lbs weight.
  • Auto shut-off system.

Rowenta irons are known for their accuracy and precision in the heating and steaming department, making their products safe for all kinds of fabrics. The stainless steel soleplate comes with a durable aluminum center for even heat distribution and the prevention of hot spots. This results in balanced heat and steam spread across the soleplate that is eventually passed on to the fabric through the 400 micro-holes present.

No matter what kind of fabric you need to work on, you will enjoy a smooth glide and effortless pressing- resulting in crisp and wrinkle-free clothes every time. An Ergonomic thermostat knob allows easy reading and adjusting of temperature depending on the fabric chosen so you can work with the correct heat level and prevent causing any harm to your fabrics.


  • Auto shut-off feature saves energy and prevents accidents- ideal for quilters who require ironing in intervals.
  • Self-cleaning of impurities from within the tool-resulting in long-lasting performance.
  • 1700 watts of power to effectively manage stubborn creases.
  • Sharp tip allows easy access to hard to reach areas.


  • The iron is designed to prevent leakage with the anti-drip feature but according to some customer reviews, there have been signs of leakage.

7. Oliso Pro Smart Iron, TG1600

24 Best Iron for Quilting and Sewing ReviewsOliso Pro TG1600 Smart Iron

Highlighted Features:

  • 1800 watts of power.
  • iTochy technology
  • 4 lbs weight.
  • 12 foot long power cord.

The Oliso Pro TG 1600 is a smart iron alright but what exactly do we mean by ‘smart’? You wouldn’t have guessed. This iron is equipped with a very unique technology known as the iTouch Technology. What it does is it allows the iron to lower itself when you touch the handle of the iron, with the scorch guards or the feet collapsing completely to lay the iron flat on your fabric.

Simply put, by touching the handle you activate the iTouch Technology that enables the feet to go inside the tool resulting in a leveled soleplate that’s ready to glide over your fabrics. Stop ironing and the guards come out and lift the iron off the fabric to prevent burns. You no longer have to make your iron stand in a vertical position every time you need to adjust your fabric or pause ironing. The soleplate comes with a thick chromium finish that further prevents damage to materials and effortless pressing. Steam distribution is also precise with 3 different settings and 3 steam levels to deliver exactly what you have in mind.


  • Auto shut off.
  • Rapid heat up action.
  • 2-inch detailer tip reaches tight spots with ease.
  • Multiple steam functions.


  • The iTouch feature may take time getting used to.
  • Not enough steam according to some users.

8. AICOK Steam Iron

24 Best Iron for Quilting and Sewing ReviewsAICOK Steam Iron

Highlighted Features:

  • 1400 watts of power.
  • Non stick soleplate iron
  • 2.42 lbs weight.
  • 5.9 foot long power cord.

Next up we have the AICOK Steam Iron in model number ES2416. The iron sports a large reservoir that holds up to 370 ml of water, eliminating the need to refill the tank frequently and also allowing you to steam and iron a larger number of items.

With a simple temperature dial you can select the fabric you will be working on and the iron will automatically set its temperature accordingly, reducing the risk of burns and enabling you to attend to various materials. The shot-steam feature releases bursts of steam powerful enough to smooth out even the most stubborn creases so you can effortlessly press items such as quilts,linens, curtains and much more.

To ensure a hassle-free performance, the sole plate has been designed with a non-stick coating which also cuts down the time required to work through each item. Reach for any corner of the fabric without worrying about the cord getting tangled,twisted or coming your way with the 360 degree pivoting cord designed for free movement. Other features that make this a worthy investment are the adjustable steam settings and anti-drip system.


  • Large water tank.
  • Variable steam settings.
  • Anti-drip system.


  • The soleplate didn’t prove to be a completely non-stick for some users.
  • A few mentioned that the iron didn’t generate much heat.

9. Rowenta DG8520 Eco Energy Steam Iron

24 Best Iron for Quilting and Sewing ReviewsRowenta DG8520 Eco Energy Steam Iron

Highlighted Features:

  • 1800 watts of power.
  • Stainless Steel soleplate.
  • 12.21 lbs weight.
  • 6.2 foot long power cord.

If it is perfection you seek then check out the DG8520 by Rowenta. This powerful and robust 1800 watt steam iron is designed to remove the toughest and most stubborn creases from all kinds of garments. The iron uses 5.2 bars of pressure to smooth out fabrics resulting in fast and professional quality results.

Whether you are shaping fabrics for sewing, getting your suit ready for a meeting or simply trying to get rid off wrinkles from hanging garments, the Rowenta DG8520 is the just the tool for the job. The iron takes approximately 3 minutes to heat up and produce 90 minutes of uninterrupted steam that is evenly distributed across the fabric through the 400-micro-steam stainless steel soleplate.

The 47-ounce water tank is easy to remove for refilling and is large enough to allow the iron to generate 90 minutes of continuous steam. Other features include a precision tip to reach tight areas, a safety lock system and anti-scale system to increase the lifetime of the iron.


  • 90 minutes of continuous steam.
  • 5.2 bars of pressure smooth out stubborn creases effortlessly.
  • Removable large water tank.
  • Ergonomically designed handle for better control.
  • Smooth glide over all kinds of fabrics.
  • Vertical steam system for hanging garments, drapes or curtains.
  • Long cord.


  • A few complaints of the iron not generating enough steam.
  • Cases of water leakage reported by some users.

10. Beautural Iron With Digital LCD Screen

24 Best Iron for Quilting and Sewing ReviewsBeautural Iron With Digital LCD Screen

Highlighted Features:

  • 1800 watts of power.
  • Stainless Steel soleplate.
  • LCD screen.
  • Auto shut off.

This is the last model we choose to enjoy ironing with this smart steam iron that is designed with modern technologies to make your job at hand less of a chore and more fun. With 1800 watts of power and a dual ceramic coated soleplate design that comes with two heat zones, you can now safely and effortlessly remove wrinkles from every piece of clothing in your home.

The iron produces 30% more steam than traditional irons which results in faster removal of wrinkles and much more professional ironing within the comforts of your own home. You can select your fabric and preset your iron to the right temperature with the setting clearly showing on the LCD display for your convenience.  There is also an alert system that goes off when the iron is heated to the selected temperature.

To save energy and for safety reasons, the iron automatically shuts off after minutes of inactivity depending on how you left the iron. If left standing it will shut off after 8 minutes and if tipped over or left unattended in a horizontal position the power will stop on its own within 30 seconds. The anti-calcium system along with the self-cleaning system work together to increase the iron’s lifetime, thus maintaining its performance for a longer period.


  • Non-stick dual ceramic soleplate makes gliding over fabrics easy and prevents burns, scratches, and damage.
  • Select from 9 preset modes for the perfect temperature and steam level.
  • Anti-calcium and self-cleaning system prolongs the iron’s life and performance.


  • The anti-drip feature did not work for some with the iron leaking on a few occasions.
  • Reports of defective display.

Best Iron Steamer for Quilters Reviews