Best Online Sewing Classes For Beginners To Learn

Are you planning to learn sewing from online? If you are in search of the best online sewing classes for beginners, this article will be perfect for you. Here we are going to share with you 6 platforms where you can find thousands of classes and courses to learn sewing from scratch.

The teachers who teach in these platforms are well-skilled and experienced. You do not need to worry about the quality of their teaching as you have the chance to see the rating and reviews before you enroll in the courses.

Best Online Sewing Classes for Beginners

Let’s get acquainted with 6 Best Online Sewing Classes for Beginners to learn sewing right now:



To master real-world skills, SkillShare is one of the best online learning communities. It lets the experienced people of the industry share their knowledge to the people who are interested to gain a new skill. Along with classes on Business, Technology, and Lifestyle, they have Creative category that begins from writing and ends in film production. It is a Delaware corporation having both free and premium membership facility.

However, if you just search sewing in the search bar, that will take you to hundreds of courses of that category. Choose the courses on sewing that aim the beginners as their target audience, and you’re done.

Once you complete the basic lessons, you will find many courses with advanced techniques and strategies that will help you to become an expert in this field. You can use the platform smoothly on your Android, iOS, and Apple TV.

Crazy Little Projects:

Crazy Little Projects aims at giving you online lessons on baking, sewing and other crafts that you can do at your home. All the courses are available for you to enroll without paying a penny. This platform is run basically by a homemaker named Amber.

She loves to bake and sew and most importantly she loves to share her skills with the world. That’s why she has founded CrazyLittleProjects where she shares her knowledge and design patterns to the learners for free.

If you have a sewing machine and you are confused about what to do with it, Amber will teach you a lot of designs and patterns step by step. Her platform has pre-lessons to sewing that are to guide the beginners to know their machine and all the basics with sewing terms.

Once you have completed that part, you can move on to learn the real sewing that will teach you straight and zigzag stitches. Later on, you will know how to add elastic and sew ruffles comfortably. After getting all done, you will learn to insert a zipper and know in-depth about buttonholes and applique.

And, after all the theories, you can end up your learning by practicing more than 20 sewing projects to get hands-on experience.

Tilly and the Buttons:

Tilly and the Buttons

Founded by Tilly Walness, comes with easy to learn sewing patterns, books and online workshops for those who are beginners in sewing and want to get their own dress made. Here you will have hundreds of posts using simple instructions with photos to explain every little information on sewing patterns and stitches.

They also feature dressmaking workshops to let the beginners get practical experience of the sewing world. With bestselling books on Stitching and Sewing, they will make you an artist even if you are a newbie in the arena.

So, if you are a beginner and looking for best online sewing classes, you can peep here to get the knowledge and inspiration regarding sewing.


Creativebug is dedicated to promoting art and design, sewing, knitting, and many more interesting topics. They have different classes for each targeted group of audience. Starting from the classes for beginners, they feature quick classes and multi-part classes. This platform comes with techniques which are really helpful to learn something in a shortcut and easy manner.

Creativebug lets you search the content of the website by classes, images, instructors, and blog. If you are interested to learn sewing as a beginner, you can browse Sewing Category with the tagline ‘for beginners’ to filter out the classes you are looking for.

However, here you can have classes from 3 minutes to 5 hours long to make yourself adept in sewing. The ratings of the classes by the users will help you to apprehend the quality of the classes.

My BluePrint:

my bluprint

To explore thousands of classes on multiple niches, is an ideal platform. The topics the platform covers range from Knitting to Eating, Dance to Yoga, Cooking to Writing, and many more craftworks. Having 7 days of the free trial, you can get hands-on experience from hundreds of real-life projects to hone your skills.

My BluePrint comes with hundreds of video lessons on sewing. While some are designed for advanced level students, you will also find classes for beginners. The trainers are highly experienced to teach you unique techniques.

The sewing projects available here will enable you to design dresses, bags, wallets, panties, and whatnot. Just hop into your favorite lesson and start learning.



Udemy is my #1 choice when it comes to learning something new. You will never find any lack of resources here. This platform has courses which most of the time you can buy with discounts. You have the chance to see the user reviews and rating before choosing any course to enroll.

When you enroll in any course of Udemy, you get lifetime access. Udemy is a great place for beginners as the courses are not very costly and designed in a user-friendly manner. The videos are well-transcribed and can be watched and downloaded in HD formats.

What I love most about Udemy is their 30.-day money-back guarantee for every course available. So, there is nothing to lose if you do not like a course as you can get the refund.

However, when it comes to the best online sewing classes for beginners, I would recommend you to search on Udemy for courses that will definitely help you. There are free courses and paid courses to make your sewing dream come true.

This platform has courses where you can start from Sewing 101 and end up in Advanced Sewing techniques and strategies of professional level. You only need the needle, thread and an enthusiasm to learn sewing, Udemy will do the rest for you.

After completing courses from here you can set up your own boutique business or just make dresses for you and your family.

Final Thoughts:

If you are really passionate about sewing and looking for the best online sewing classes for beginners, the mentioned websites will be perfect for you. However, you should visit all these websites to see which of these suit your requirement the most. After you’ve chosen the platform, just enroll and start learning!