5 Best Fabric For Hot Humid Weather To Wear In

Due to global warming, the world is getting hotter day by day. If you live in hot humid weather, it is very important for you to be selective while you choose what to wear. You cannot just choose any fabric out there on the market.

Best Fabric For Hot Humid Weather

There are certain fabrics that will give you comfort in hot summer days and there are some fabrics that are not at all comfortable and effective to wear in hot humid weather. Knowing about the best fabric for hot humid weather will help you to choose which is best for you to wear and which is better to avoid.

How To Choose The Best Fabric For Hot Humid Weather?

There are certain principles or qualities you need to look at when you look for the most comfortable dress for summer and hot season.  Here are some of the core things you should pay attention to while picking your dress to wear in hot and humid weather:

  • Lightweight: No matter which fabrics you go love to wear, it must be lightweight when it comes to staying cool in hot air. A heavy fabric will suffocate you and make you feel bored. If you do not choose a lightweight dress made of natural materials, then the chance is that you will end up sweating like hell even if mild air blows around you.
  • Fast drying: Choose a fabric that dries fast. If you sweat and that clings toyour body throughout the day, that’s not cool, right? Choose the one that willnot trap sweat and will not create any layer of heat between your body and thefabric.
  • Breathable: If you live in tropical conditions, your daily life may become uncomfortable due to two combined reasons: high temperature, and high humidity. It is very important to keep balance in the body temperature to live healthily. Only sufficient air circulation works to maintain proper body temperature. If you do not choose a fabric that is breathable and does not allow the air through the clothing, then it is not going to be a good experience for your body. This will also be the reason of unpleasant odors from your body.
  • Protective from Ultraviolet rays: Ultraviolet rays are a great enemy to your body. The sun, especially, during noon is very much harmful to the skin and may cause skin problems. It is good for you if you can find a fabric that works best to protect your skin from UV rays using ultraviolet protection.  A fabric of light color reflects light and thus keeps you cool in hot summer days.

Review of the Best Fabric For Hot And Humid Weather To Wear In

Now as you know the qualities that your fabric require to have to be wearable in hot humid weather, it is the time to get introduced with 5 best clothing fabric for hot humid weather that you can wear comfortably :

1# Cotton

cotton fabric

Being extremely good and comfortable, cotton fabric is the first choice of best fabric for hot humid weather to wear in summer. Your body can easily breathe when cotton is worn. As it is very good at absorbing excess sweat, you won’t stay drenched with sweat throughout the day for sure. It is very soft and durable. Allowing airflow and being lightweight, it is very good at absorbing moisture too.

2# Rayon

rayon fabric

It will give you a silky feeling when you wear it. One of the good things about Rayon is, it dries very quickly and drapes nicely. Though it is not a natural fiber, it is pretty comfortable due to its lightweight. In hot summer days, Rayon will make you feel like blowing in gentle air.

3# Linen

linen fabric

Being a closely woven fabric and non-sticky, linen is well known for conducting and managing heat properly. It is a medium weight fabric having very little elasticity. When it comes to durability and breathability, Linen is definitely a good choice for hot humid weather. It is made from stalks of flax plants.  As it comes with large fibers with more open weaves, it is very comfortable to wear.

4# Chambray

chambery fabric

Chambray is very smooth and lightweight to wear. Though it doesn’t absorb sweat as good as Cotton or Rayon, it is worn for the comfortability it provides. As it comes in a higher thread count, it is way more breathable. Though it may look like denim, it is obviously better than denim to wear in hot weather.

5# Blend

blend fabric

When two or more different kinds of fibers are mixed with a view to creating a new fabric with some new properties, we call that blended fabrics. In summer, you can also wear blended fabrics to maximize your comfort. For example, you can wear a cotton & polyester blend which is also comfortable as everyday wear. Linen and silk is also a good blend as they help to drape better.

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Fabrics To Avoid In Hot Humid Weather:

There are certain fabrics that are not at all good to wear on sunny hot days. Here are some of the fabrics you should not wear in hot and humid weather:

  • Acrylic: As acrylic is not a natural fabric, the material used here can increase the body temperature and that’s why it is one of the worst choices for summer.
  • Nylon: Nylon is not breathable as it is fully synthetic. Having a low absorption power, it traps heat and ultimately conspires to make you sweat like hell.
  • Polyester: In spite of being a good choice for travelers, Polyester is not a good choice for summer to wear as it may make you sweat like hell.
  • Vinyl: It is something that is not bad in winter. But, in summer it is a big NO NO for you.
  • Fleece: Fleece is designed for making your body warm, not to cool it down. As it got its origin in polyester, it blocks natural ventilation and thus traps moisture.
  • Denim: You may say that Denim is durable. Yes, I agree with you. But, being unbreathable and non-stretchy, it is not made to wear in hot and humid weather. If you like something to wear like denim, why don’t you try Chambray?

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best material to wear in hot humid weather?

Plant fiber cotton and fabrics which are made from cotton are great for hot humid weather. It is cheap, soft, breathable, and has good heat-absorbing capacity. During the hot sunny days, body sweats a lot. Fabric made from cotton material can easily soak up sweat allowing heat to escape the body.

Is polyester good for hot weather?

No, it is not advised to wear polyester made dress in hot weather due to its’ moisture resistant quality.

So, What Fabric is Best for Hot Humid Weather

There are many controversies about what is the best fabric for hot humid weather. Some say that it is cotton, some say it is linen, and some say otherwise. However, not everyone’s choice is the same. To know the fabric that will be the most comfortable for you, it is better to go for a trial. At the end of the day, choose the one that makes you feel good. It is as simple as that.

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