How Does Vinegar Remove Wrinkles From Clothes?

When you wash your garments, it may come out with creases or wrinkles. A simple way of removing these unwanted folds is by simply soaking the clothing in a basin containing white vinegar. Not only will this help to keep your washing neat and orderly, but also leaves them smelling fresh. Vinegar removes wrinkles in two ways: it closes off the creases by filling up gaps that form due to pressure on the cloth and smoothes out bumps so that fabric surface looks smooth again.

The appearance will appear neater when folded since most people prefer to fold their clothes neatly before putting inside their dresser drawers after laundering. This is especially important when folding clothes that have intricate designs or expensive fabrics.

How does vinegar remove wrinkles from clothes

Follow the steps below to remove wrinkles from clothes quickly and save you so much time.

  1. If your washing comes out slightly wrinkled, soak it in a basin of white vinegar for approximately 20 minutes before hanging them on a rack to dry.
  2. Vinegar also helps pick up stains, disinfects garments, and eliminates odors left by detergent residue or sweaty gym wear.
  3. Avoid using this tip when washing delicate fabrics, i.e., silk, as it will damage it permanently.
  4. After soaking the garment in vinegar water, wash them normally with lukewarm water and air-dry indoors (outdoors) rather than in the hot sun because acid from vinegar damages fibers too much.

This method works well, especially for slightly wrinkled clothes.


Vinegar is a natural disinfectant and even can clean clothes without the need for detergent. The smell of vinegar is more tolerable than most harsh laundry soaps you buy at the supermarket. It also helps whiten your washing and keep your colored garments from fading, which is caused by oxygenation when rinsing out residue from soap in water.

For an added bonus, vinegar can be used to remove odors left behind on your washing, i.e., fur coats, gym wear, or shoes that have been worn all day in the rain and become soaked with moisture (I use vinegar to remove bad smells on my leather purse that I use daily).

Vinegar can remove stains effectively and safely, even if the stain is set in. It does so by eliminating grease and dissolving minerals that stick to your clothes. Some of these minerals are rust, sandstone, and clay resulting from perspiration or mud.

The odor elimination capacity of vinegar causes bacteria responsible for causing bad smells on your garments to be neutralized. Also, the smell will remove itself naturally after air-drying instead of using a chemical laundry detergent that can leave clothing smelling awful (I don’t know about you, but I love how my clothes smell after being washed with vinegar).

Removing odor molecules from fabrics helps inhibit their ability to bind to odorous materials, hence preventing them from emitting smells later on.


Vinegar can remove wrinkles from clothes made of all types of fabrics, whether cotton, synthetic, or silk. It can also be used with laundry made of linen, lace, and wool.

The method of removing wrinkles from clothes will be the same regardless of fabric type, in that vinegar works by reducing shrinkage caused by heat and moisture.

Vinegar is able to remove wrinkles from clothes because it acts as a natural preservative due to its acidic nature. This preserves clothing fibers to keep their shape when washed and maintains the color of the fabrics.

When fabric wrinkles, it results from broken down fibers that form fine lines on the surface when subjected to heat and moisture as a result of washing. The acid in vinegar has a breaking effect on colloidal bonds that make up natural fiber molecules hence smoothing out wrinkles.

Special tips:

Vinegar is a good alternative to chemical laundry detergents when washing clothes because they do not contain harsh chemicals or scents.


There are countless ways that you can use white vinegar in your home, especially when it comes to doing household chores without having to spend much money. This cheap cleaning solution has plenty of uses and applications that you can leverage to your advantage.

If you look closely or try the method, you will find that vinegar is a great alternative product to conventional chemical laundry detergents. It leaves your washing smelling fresh and clean plus it removes wrinkles effectively, helping prevent color fading in colored fabrics.

I hope you know now how does vinegar removes wrinkles from clothes.