What Kind Of Thread To Use For Machine Quilting?

Threads are that product which will make a piece or creation more special and that looks better, they are small details that will really make a difference. For quilters, the threads are very effective and they handle with experience the things you need to know about them. Anyone will think that it is something random and is only based on color, but this goes much further when it comes to machine, needles, materials depending on the fabric and type of piece to take into account to quilt.

What Kind of Thread to Use for Machine Quilting

Type of Threads

Each type of thread is used for a different thing, they have different functionality, and they are different recommendations for the type of fabrics or the project you are going to execute.
Cotton Thread: One of the most versatile for being a natural product and works perfectly with the sewing machine.
Polyester Thread: It’s pretty strong
Heavy Duty Thread: It is very heavy or thick for some projects so it is not adaptable to all, in the same way, these threads are made of most polyester.
Silk Thread: Used for silk projects.
Wool thread: Perfect for embroidery.
Metallic thread: Be it copper, silver, or gold.
Elastic Thread: For shirring.

Which Type of Thread is Best for Machine Quilting?

People who sew normally use cotton threads, since these, being a natural product, adapt very well to any type of fabric and it is very difficult for the Project to break or be damaged. Besides this thread is much easier to quilt.

Choosing the Right Thread Material

The thread seems somewhat insignificant to most who don’t know sewing or anything like that. Thread is the main product that will make your project look much better and will make it last. So it is important to know how to choose what kind of thread to use for machine quilting. For example, first, it is advisable to take into account and know what the objective of the piece will be, whether it has outdoor purposes because it must be a thread that supports different climates, so it is not the same for a piece that is kept indoors. And like this example, many factors must be taken into account before assembling the piece, so that it has better quality.

Popular Thread Brands

Popular Thread Brands

KINGSOO is a fairly famous and good quality brand where the yarns it manufactures have a durable material that people prefer over many others. It has a variety of colors, types, sizes among others. So its most famous products are yarn made from polyester.

Candora is another one of those popular brands that offer various types of threads to suit customer preferences. They assemble different combos of threads where they are very versatile and economic sets. It is even within the ranking with the best threads to sew.

Can I use Polyester Thread for quilting?

It is highly recommended to use polyester threads for garments or pieces in which you can assure that they will have enough use or will be washed continuously since over time it produces a lot of lint and will make the layout no longer look as clean as at the beginning.

However, if it is possible to use it, regarding the machine you have to be careful with the accumulation of lint so that it can be cleaned continuously so there is not much, it will prevent poor quality seams with lint between them will not look clean later. nor satisfactory.

What color thread should I use for quilting?

For projects or garments that are not fashionable, experts usually use the colors white, black, and cream in general. They are neutral colors that are applied in most of the pieces that have seams of union between fabrics. It is also recommended to use a color according to the fabric or part to be manufactured or used so that it does not create ugly contrasts and attract attention from a negative aspect. However, neutral colors are always the first option since they adapt to most cases.

What is the Best Size Needle to Use for Machine Quilting?

Machine needles are specially made for machine quilting, they have a curved size and pointed level that can only be used under the machine. The most common size used in machine quilting is 90/14 which is large enough to use any type of thread without problem. Find out our recommended sewing machine for quilting in case if you need it. However, the type of needle can change depending on the piece to be designed and the fabric to be used since with thicker fabrics you have to change the needle to a larger one that can pierce the fabric well. And in more delicate fabrics it is changed to a smaller one because with a very thick needle it can create an unnecessary gap size in the fabric and it will not be as stylized.

Is Cotton or Polyester Thread Better for Quilting?

Cotton and polyester threads are the most used for quilting. Experts prefer these threads because of their strength over fabrics and the quality they give to pieces. Although cotton is used mainly because it is a natural material thread and does not produce lint, which will make the work look cleaner and more stylized, compared to Polyester, since it produces lint that can be minimal over time. but they will show off the job poorly done. However, polyester is used for its strength on fabrics, where using it on cotton weakens it.

What is the Best Stitch Length for Machine Quilting?

In a general way, people work with a measure of 2.5 to 3.0 spi; it is the standard that is within the range to work comfortably with pieces that are not very specific. But this changes due to your criteria with which you feel better when sewing and what type of garment you are going to make, you decide how to do your job.


Knowledge about threads will make you a better quilter, in skill, experience, and types of designs. It is important to always keep in mind the impotence and the weight that the thread has during quilting and sewing, choosing one that is according to your piece will do better in everything.