7 Most Common Sewing Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Sewing Mistakes

Sewingcan be a fun and rewarding activity up until something goes wrong and it isusually due to a mistake from our part that makes the process complicated.

Butsewing mistakes are more frequently made than you think and even the mostskilled sometimes end up making these mistakes.

sewing mistakes

If you are just learning to sew then it is great that you are reading this today as it will help you avoid some of the common sewing mistakes right from the beginning of your learning journey but if you are here because you have already made those mistakes and are looking for solutions then we are glad we could help rectify them.

So without further ado let’s dig common sewing mistakes right in.

1. Using the Wrong Size of Needle for the Job

wrong sewing needle

Ifyou don’t use the right needle for your machine or hand sewing projects thenyou are bound to face some challenges. Choose your needle depending on the fabric if you want to avoid damagingthe fabric and the needle itself.

Usea fine small needle when sewing up a silk or chiffon shirt but switch tosomething bigger and stronger when working with tough fabric like jean orleather.

2. Not Testing the Tension on Your Sewing Machine

sewing thread tension

Setting the tension on your sewing machine will alter the results of your finished project in a huge way. The rule is that lighter fabrics need smaller tension while heavier fabrics need bigger tension.

3. Not Ironing the Seams

Ironing the Seams

Thismight be the most common mistake out of the lot and many sewers intentionallyskip pressing seams. Ironing is a whole activity on its own and we know ittakes up time but trying to avoid it won’t do much for the end results of yourprojects.

Pressyour seams as you sew them and you will be glad you took the time once you seethe amazing difference it makes in giving your project a flawless look.

4. Not Usingthe Right Tools

sewing tools

Make sure you have everything you need to complete your project even before you start because if you realize in the middle of your work that you do not have a particular tool then you might be lured into using anything that does the job. But it isn’t all that simple. Not using the right tools intended for sewing purposes may damage your fabric and spoil your entire project.

Onemost common example of this is using paper scissors to cut fabric or viceversa. Please don’t.

5.  Choosing the Wrong Fabric

sewing fabric

Not all fabrics will work for every project and you must know which fabric is best suited for the work you have in mind. This is particularly important when making dresses or garments to wear in a certain style or design.

6. Not Taking Care of Your Sewing Accessories, Tools and Equipment.

Maintenance is vital here and you must take proper care of all your sewing supplies including sewing table, iron, accessories if you want them to perform better and last longer.

7. Over-Workor Not Taking a Break

 Okay, we get it that you are eager to finish aproject and intend to work until you get the results you desire but did youknow that by working continuously without taking a break increases the chancesof making more mistakes?

So the next time you can’t seem to get the right stitch or set your machine right, maybe it is just your brain telling you that you need to take a break, come back and try again.

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Final words…

So there you have it, you are now aware of some of the most common sewing mistakes made by sewers and we hope you won’t be making the same mistakes anytime soon.

But you also need to tell yourself that humans make mistakes so the next time you mess up go easy on yourself and with the time you will learn to make fewer of those mistakes.

Hopeyou found this post informative, helpful and enjoyable.


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