Quilting Kits For Beginners

10 Best Quilting Kits For Beginners

Quilting is the process of sewing pieces of fabric together to make a padded material. It is a fun activity that a person of any age can undertake; whether young or old. However, the process of quilting is never as simple as it may appear, especially for beginners. For instance, beginners find it hard to determine the amount of fabric needed. Also, they do a lot of guesswork when deciding on which patterns they will choose. This is where quilt kits come in.

Quilting Kits For Beginners

What are the Quilting Kits For Beginners?

Quilt kits are the ideal quilting kits for beginners. This is because they include almost everything that a beginner would need so as to complete a quilting project. Basic quilting tools require to start quilting projects. However, there are so many choices of quilt kits in the market today. So, how do you go about finding the most efficient kits for beginners? This article considers 10 of the most efficient quilting kits for beginners.

1. New Colors Kite Flight Quilt

New Colors Kite Flight Quilt

This beginner quilt kit is designed by Kona Cotton. It is a relatively cheap quilt, hence, almost affordable to every beginner. It is designed using vibrant colors that are very easy to complete. The pattern designed on this cotton quilt is very beautiful and can be used for any home decors.

The process of completing this project involves assembling the quilt top, making and basting quilt sandwiches, using a rotary cutter and sewing a quarter seam. This is a simple quilting process with simple requirements; making it just the ideal quilt kit for beginners.

2. Free Spirit Colorful Hexagon Bed Quilt


As the name suggests, this is a bed quilt. The quilt is used for designing beautiful decor for complementing any bedroom spaces. It has very classic prints that add style in a bedroom. This quilt has a measurement of 88″ by 98″. The fabrics that are used by this quilt are Paisley as well as floral prints.

The Free Spirit Colorful Hexagon Bed Quilt has been specifically designed for advanced beginners, that is, beginners who have some more knowledge on quilting. Since this quilt is designed for advanced beginners, it requires that a quilter has some basic skills in quilting.

3. Timeless Treasures – Tonga Treat Boxcars Quilt

This is another easy quilting kit for beginners; be it kids or adults. It has very vibrant colors and creative patterns. The price of this kit is relatively cheap; making it very affordable to all quilters.

The other advantage of the Timeless Treasures – Tonga Treat Boxcars Quilt is that it comes with a choice range of 3 colors and patterns that a quilter can choose from. These are Bouquet, Tahiti, and Amdrid. No matter the design and general look of your home, this quilt kit will indeed look great in your home. It is not just an attractive piece of quilt, but an ideal and simple quilt for beginners.

4. Lecien Flower And Sugar Quilt Kit

10 Best Quilting Kits For Beginners

This quilt is designed for young beginner girls and boys. It comes in different varieties and sizes; to fit any young one’s preferences. The Lecien Flower and Sugar Quilt Kits are also available in all sorts of colors; from girly floral pinks to boys’ forest-inspired kits.

Another feature about this beginner quilt kit is that it has additional fabric choices, such as organic pieces of cotton and batting. The same feature is also available in the patterns of the quilt kit; the beginner is provided with a variety of pattern choices to choose from.

5. Benartex Fossil Fern – Candy Squares Quilt

10 Best Quilting Kits For Beginners
10 Best Quilting Kits For Beginners

This quilt has a very attractive and lovable outer appearance. This is due to the inclusion of vibrant and bright colors. The fabrics of this kit are heavy and cotton-like, hence, they can be used to design decor for use during cold weather.

This quilt kit has a 100-piece charm packaging. It also includes easy pre-cut patterns, which beginners will find easy to master. The kit comes with almost everything that a beginner quilter would require, hence, one will need to add just a few items to operate. The patterns of this quilt can be followed very easily, which makes it one of the best quilting kits for beginners.

6. Beginner Half Square Triangles Quilt Kit

10 Best Quilting Kits For Beginners

This is a colorful beginner quilt made of very vibrant colors. The quilt comes with instructions on how to use the kit, which is both simple and easy to follow. In addition, it has practical videos that a beginner can watch and follow along as they practice and work using this quilt kit.

This beginner kit also comes with a triangular and multi-size 45/900 ruler for designing creative grids and patterns. Despite the fact that the kit box does not include backing, a beginner can buy coordinating fabrics and pick their favorites. Such features make this quilt kit a very valuable tool for beginners.

7. Riley Blake – Wally The Whale Quilt

This is a pre-cut quilt kit designed specifically for beginners who are kids. It comes in two color range choices; for boys and for girls. The boy quilt kits come in colors such as reds, oranges and navy blues. On the other hand, girl quilt kits come in colors sick as pale pinks, pale blues, hot pinks, and yellows.

The quilt is made using soft cotton material and therefore produces soft and cozy decors. It includes several patterns and a pre-quilted fabric. This simplifies the whole quilting project for the beginning kids. After all, all they have to do is sew the Whale on their quilts. Simple material is needed for this quilt, making it the most ideal quilt for beginners.

8. Disappearing Nine-Patch block

Disappearing Nine-Patch block

This is a versatile quilt block that comes in large sizes. The larger sizes of this quilt make it easier for a beginner to finish up an entire quilt top very fast. With this fabric, one can also include white fabric at the center of the Disappearing Nine-Patch block.

The blocks of this quilt can also be cut. This provides room for one to add sashing so as to make available a breathing room between the kits’ blocks. The other positive thing about this quilt is that a beginner can mix a variety of colors, that come with this quilt kit.

9. Picnic Party Quilt

Picnic Party Quilt

This particular kit makes use of stashes of fabric scraps. It includes high-quality fabrics that are formed by the arrangement of squares of each single prints diagonally. This pattern is created across the top of the quilt kit.

What makes the Picnic Party Quilt ideal for a beginner is the fact that one can try tooutstrip piecing with this quilt kit. Strip piecing is done for creating blocks of the quilt together with nesting seams. A beginner can also use the available fabrics to come up with their own creative designs using this particular kit.

10. Arizona Quilt Kit

This quilt kit is designed specifically for young boys. It is a very simple quilt to use and also attractive in appearance. It includes Arizona aspects, evident in the quilt’s paneling, binding, and backing. All that is required of the beginner is to sew the fabrics together. They can then bind the fabrics in whichever way that they prefer. No matter the manner in which the fabrics will be bound, the final result will always be colorful and attractive.


Quilting is a hobby that can be used to pass time in a relaxing and enjoyable way. The above-explained quilting kits are the most ideal for every beginner of whichever age. They are simple and easy to use and require just basic or even no skills to operate. Get yourself or your loved ones one of these kits as a gift, and feel that great satisfaction that comes with completing the first project!

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