machine embroidery projects

7 Best Machine Embroidery Projects for Beginners

machine embroidery projects

As we begin a new decade, some of us are trying to come with some resolutions. If you are into clothing making, today we are going to take close look at some of the most thrilling and fascinating machine embroidery projects that will give you that motivation you need to become the new version of you in 2020 and beyond. Most of the projects in this list require some small amount of sewing skills, but that is all, as they will form a perfect basis for machine embroidery.

1# Healthy Habits Grocery Bag

embroidery grocery bags

If you are like many others who have set embracing healthier habits as a New Year’s Resolutions, this totally customizable shopping carry will surely encourage you to switch to a healthy lifestyle when you go shopping for groceries. The first and only thing you are going to need is a plain shopping bag or tote.  On the surface of the bag, create a beautiful design that can include all the healthy foods you want to start eating, and use and embroidery machine to complete your shopping bag with that customized design.

2# Sleep Eye Mask

Sleep Eye Mask

A night of good night sleep is recommended to everyone and has plenty of health benefits. For you to achieve great things this New Year, you will need a quality night sleep which is typically between six and eight hours every night. And an eye mask project is just the best place to begin to improve both the quality and quantity of your sleep. You can use embroidery software to create some inspirational designs and patterns and add embroidery to one side of the mask.

3# Personal Gifts

When you want to uplift yourself and become the best version of yourself, you will need to start thinking of other people in your life too – friends, family, co-workers, etc. And what is the best way to show them you are grateful to have them in your life than sending them personal gifts? If you are aware of the Law of Attraction, when you are grateful for what you have, more and greater things will be sent your way to be grateful for; and when you offer generosity, you get generosity in return. The best way to give a thoughtful gift is to monogram them. Projects such as bathrobes, pillowcases, tote bags, towels, and more are perfect machine embroidery projects and will work perfectly.

The creativity and style depend on the person, but you can never go wrong with experimenting with modern, classic, or even child-friendly designs. Throw in cute pictures if you can to make liven things up.

4# Inspirational Quote Artwork

To help keep the positivity of New Year burning, create inspirational quotes for your office and home. With the help of suitable embroidery software, you can convert a few words into an uplifting piece of art. The words can be a quote from your favorite movie or a book that inspired you in the past; or it can also be a piece of wise advice you received from a family member, a friend or a motivational speaker. It can even be just your own mantra that you came up with to help buoy your spirits whenever you are down. Decide on the image and text layout; something more elevating. After coming up with a nice layout, frame the quote and place it into an embroidery loop or any other way to mount and install your inspirational piece of art. The quote will help you stay focused on your 2020 goals, and can be hanged in your living room or office.

5# Cool Cushion Cover

Cushion Cover

This is perhaps should be one of the most must-do machine embroidery projects for 2020. Quality sleep comes with loads of benefits, including high levels of productivity the following day, and to achieve this quality sleep you need among other things, kick-ass pillows. It is not just the bedroom that may do well with the nice pillows; you can turn your living space into an inviting fortress with customizable pillows. You can also come up with sweet quotes that resonate with the vibe you want to create such as “Home Sweet Home” or “My Happy Place”. Ok maybe these two quotes are quite clichéd, but we are sure you can tap into your inner creativity and come up with nicer, meaningful quotes for the pillows.

6# A personal organizer or to-do list holder

Another one of the greatest machine embroidery projects is a personal organizer or a to-do list to enhance your organization skills. You need this tool now to start putting your to-do items in order this early in the year. You can also use it to put down your big ideas for 2020.

Customize the fabric and design to the style of your liking, provided it looks nice and striking that will encourage you to open it every day; thus boosts your productivity.

7# Coin purse

Coin purse

If one of your 2020 goals is starting a piggy bank, this is an excellent machine embroidery project. You can customize the purse with a quote such as “save more, spend less” or images of piglets to remind you that this little purse is for saving. It can also be an image of the Eiffel Tower to motivate you to save for that trip to Paris in the summer or at the end of the year, or a Santa Claus to help you start preparing for this year’s Christmas.

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