10 Best Kids Sewing Projects

When kids learn to do things while young, they perfect it when grown up and they make it their hobby.  Kids like doing technical things while young and they develop attachments with those skills for the rest of their life. However, a good teacher will have an impact on whether the kid will like doing the projector will not understand. Teach your kids how to sew and they will use it for the rest of their life. In this article, I will show you 10 best kids sewing projects. Read all the way.

Kids Sewing Projects

1# Sew doll skirt– favorite kids sewing projects

doll skirt

 Kids like playing withtoys and small gadgets in the house. Most kids use dolls to play. If your kidhas a doll you may consider making her have a good start in sewing. They canhave a project to make clothing for these dolls. Kids enjoy making dresses fortheir dolls. One simple clothes for the doll is the skirt. The skirt will be asimple project for the kids to handle and it will help kids get used to thesewing machine. At first, they cannot multi-task by doing several activities atonce. Therefore giving them a simple idea will help them practice well. Aftersome time then give them a project to see their own skirt. This will be ahelpful tip for them and they will enjoy stitching every piece of the fabricfor themselves. Now they will have learned and made use of the skill.

2# Making simple pillows

Colorful pillow with owl design

Pillows are a bit easy to sew and to design. For example, thekids can have some pieces of torn clothes and torn mattresses that they can useto make pillows. Making your kids learn an interesting thing will motivate themto work on making the projects a success. When kids learn how to sew simplethings like pillows that they would use to sleep they appreciate the skill andthey even want to do it all the time. Show them how to make patterns fittogether and how to make unique pillows. When making pillows they will learnboth the pillowcase and the pillow materials.

3# Pajama pants

kids pijama pants

Making pajama pants for the kids is just a perfect way to get them to a little bit complex designs. Now teach your kids how to measure lengths, and help them know what measurements are needed when making the pajamas. Have the kids do the measurements themselves and put them down. Give them a colorful piece of fabric so that they enjoy making it. The best way to motivate them is by giving them this project for them to make their own product. Have them know how to handle the sewing machine and the best methods to start projects. Recommended sewing machine for kids you can find here. Ensure that the kids learn the core rule; being organized, orderly and calculating.

4# Buttons on a piece of cloth

button attaching

Handiwork is very important for the kids. Let them use theirhands to come up with a final product. This shows them how to use the needleand the thread to connect buttons to the shirt and blouses. Help them learn howto handle the needle and avoid pricking themselves. When kids are exposed tothe handiwork they learn to do both the work with their hands. They willdevelop hand-eye coordination through this project.

5# Playmats

playmats sewing projects for kids

A project to make playmats for the kid is just the perfectone for them. Give them colorful fabric and they will be happy to do it. Helpthem decide what to make. Like, for instance, ask them to decide themeasurements and do the tape work. Thereafter allow them to see using themachine. It is advisable that you make them know how to use the machine beforedoing beneficial projects with like these. When making these playmats kids willlearn how to manage large fabric materials in their sewing.

 6# Art dolls

kids doll sewing

Kids like dolls, therefore get them some sewing materialsfrom your package and give them to make their dolls. They increase creativityand confidence when they do it. You will have helped them advance to make theright steps of creativity in sewing.

7# Laptop bags

laptop bags

While teaching kids it’s good you consider their age and whatthe would be happy to make. Help them make bags for tablets and laptops. Seehow they have perfectly done the measuring and how they are progressing. Theseare some of the simple things they can make.

8# Colorful table covers

table clothes

A table covers with flowers at the top will be another simpleidea for kids to execute. Kids can handle this project since it involves lessthinking and few steps. They won’t have to keep memorizing how to do thestitching.

9# The easy fabric bow ties

bow tie projects

Now tie can be another project for the kids. A bow tie ismade of small fabric materials. Kids would enjoy making some bow ties forfriends, or even for their dolls. Help kids understand how to make themperfect.

10# Scarf

kids scarf sewing

For a better understanding of the sewing, the kid needs to repeat the projects. Therefore getting the right projects for the kid and helping them so they will move them to perfect. Deal with this simple project of stitching a scarf. Make the project vary in terms of sizes, and colors. Kids will enjoy making for themselves such helpful pieces of fabric.


If you have kids you definitely would want them to make good progress. The above kids’ sewing projects can be a perfect schooling tool for your kids. Ensure your kids make use of these products and help them see the mistakes after every project. However, motivate and congratulate them every time they finish a project. If you would like them to have more experience make it a routine that they should complete something after a certain period of time. Give your kids a full exposure to the sewing projects. If you do so your kids will learn and the skill will Proof to be helpful to them.

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