How to Clean Sewing Machine In The Proper Way

How to Clean Sewing Machine

If you own a sewing machine it is very important for you to know about how to clean sewing machine in the right way. Whether you are a designer or a seamstress we can understand you treat your sewing machine not less than a toddler. 

Thereare tips and tricks about cleaning the sewing machine.  In this article, you will learn about thegenuine ways to take care of your sewing machine.  If you do not have much time to read theentire article, I will recommend you to read the bold points. The bold pointswill convey how you should actually clean your sewing machine properly. But itis always good to go through the entire article until the ending.

Sowithout delay, let’s get into the business.

Why Is It Important To Clean TheSewing Machine?

If you do not take care of something, it is very obvious that it will not last long. The sewing machine is a delicate instrument that also requires proper care. Regardless of the warranty, you need to be diligent in your gadget. By taking the right care of the sewing machine, it may last the entire lifetime.

So,to avoid spending extra money by changing your sewing machine after everycouple of years, start taking care of it from the very beginning. If you thinkyou were not very careful all these years, start from today!

Itis never too late to start up something good. So, let’s learn.

Ways To Clean Your Sewing Machine:

Youneed to follow some specific steps while cleaning a sewing machine. Here arethe steps in details:

1. Follow The Instructions Written OnThe Manual:

Instruction Manual

Allthe sewing machines come with their own manual. There are various types ofsewing machines out there in the market and they may have different techniques varyingfrom one another to be cleaned.  Readeach instruction before you start using the sewing machine. Otherwise, you maymake a fuss. In the same way, you’ll also have to read the instructions forcleaning it.

If you lost the manual then do not worry. Go to the dealer and ask him for a manual. He may ask you for some money in return for the manual, but do not worry because the manual itself is worth the money. Making a mess on the way of cleaning can cost you more money to repair. Sometimes you can be really lucky and may find the manual for your model on the internet.

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2. Clean It With A Big Brush:

sewing machine cleaning brush

The sewing machine needs to be cleaned very often with a big brush. You need to look for a fluffy plastic brush. These types of brushes are usually used for cleaning computer-related electronics. But such a brush can work great for your sewing machine as well.

Sometimesmachines come with a tiny brush with it which may not be convenient to use. Solook for a bigger one. You may find such one in the markets where computeraccessories are sold. You can also find it at Walmart. So go and grab one fast.

3. Oil Your Machine:

How to Clean Sewing Machine In The Proper Way

Itis very important to oil your sewing machine regularly. But be gentle while oiling.There is no need to over-oil it. By oiling it too much, the machine becomesslippery which is inconvenient to use. See the instructions provided in themanual guide while oiling it. Follow each of the instructions one by one. Theyknow it better than you.

Youshould start by putting with a small amount of oil to the machine. Then poursome more if you think it is needed. But don’t overwhelm the machine with toomuch oil. In case you have put too much oil, wipe it off with a damp towel. Youcan also run some old unused fabric through the machine to get rid of theexcess oil.

However,It is not recommended to oil your machine if the manual says itself not to beoiled at home. The sewing machines require to be serviced and to be cleanedafter a certain period. You need to take it to the dealer shop for servicing ifthe manual says so.

4. Keep Your Machine Away FromMoisture:

We all know that moisture is pretty harmful to metal. That is why we should keep our machine away from moisture. We should clean the machine with a brush regularly. But it is also necessary to clean the machine with a damp towel to get off the stains or any extra oil or dirt. Then you should clean it with a dry towel to wipe off the moisture.

Be enough careful and diligent while using the sewing machine. Be gentle toward it if you want your machine to last lifetime. Because we all know if we take care of things, they last.

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5. Put A Cover On Your Machine:

How to Clean Sewing Machine In The Proper Way

Youcan put a cover on your machine to keep the machine away from dirt andmoisture. This will keep your machine clean and you don’t have to worry aboutcleaning it every day.  The cover willalso protect the machine from the environmental moisture and keep the metalbody sound for a very long time. Thus a cover can keep your sewing machineclean and sound for a longer time.

6. Unplug Your Machine While Working:

sewing machine unplug

We all know that we should not use any electronic devices while it is plugged in. We should always consider safety as our first priority. Thus, we should not be working on our sewing machine while it is plugged in.

Let’s watch a video on how to clean sewing machine:

Final Words:

The sewing machine is the most important gadget for any designer or any seamstress. With proper care, you can make your first gadget to last long all your career. After reading this article, I hope you have proper knowledge about how to clean sewing machine in the right way.

Follow the instructions thoroughly. Don’t do anything blindly because your friend does so. His/her machine may support different cleaning system than yours. Always trust the manual that comes with the machine and clean according to that.

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