Can You Make a Quilt with a Sewing Machine

Can You Make a Quilt with a Sewing Machine?

The world of sewing is very interesting and includes too many styles. One of the most popular things people want to try is the quilt. However, make a quilt can be complicated because it is necessary for a special quilting machine. This kind of machine is very expensive, besides, the rest of the works are possible with a common sewing machine.

Nevertheless, it is a solution because to make a quilt you do not need to spend thousands of dollars in a quilting machine. It is possible to make a quilt with the sewing machine you have at home with a few tips and tricks. But, it is important to know how to do different types of quilt with a sewing machine.

Basic of Quilting

Make a quilt is not too much difficult, but we have to know and handle certain terms, supplies, and techniques. The basic supplies you need to make a quilt with a sewing machine are a rotary cutter, acrylic ruler, cutting mat, iron, batting, top piece, backing, and of course a basic sewing machine.

Once, you already have all the supplies is important that get familiar with the quilt patters until finding the chosen one for you. The most recommendable is to start with a simple pattern to acquire experience to try more complex patterns.

About the techniques of the quilt, there are a lot, however, there is a technique to make a quilt very simple and that is going to let you create different styles of the quilt as flying geese or zigzag path. This technique is a half square triangle to build all the blocks of your quilt.

Can You Make a Quilt with a Sewing Machine

How to Quilt with a Sewing Machine

To start making a quilt with a sewing machine, the first you have to do is organize your quilt pattern in small units, but you must try do not make it less than 30 inches because unities so small are very difficult to pass through the sewing machine and you can hurt your fingers.

Once you have the small units, you can start to join them to create the blocks of your quilt. Then you have to bind a block to another and complete your quilt. These are some basics tips to make a quilt, but you can use two techniques to make a quilt with your sewing machine without any problem: Free-Motion and Straight-Line quilting.

With the Free-motion quilting technic, you have to increase the movement of your sewing machine through dropping the feed dogs and change the foot of your sewing machine and make individual stitches in all the quilt. These changes are going to give you more mobility to make a quilt. Otherwise, the Straight-Line quilting you can use your regular foot of your sewing machine to make your quilt with straight lines through the quilt.

Getting Started Machine Quilting

Getting started in a machine quilting can be confusing because there are some differences between a sewing machine in a quilting machine. First of all, the quilting machine is bigger and offers you more space to work for all the space that a quilt occupies and to you can have a free movement to make your quilt.

Secondly, the quilting machine creator thought to offer more space to make a quilt as bigger and fluffy as you want. For this reason, a quilting machine has an extension table to make your work easier. Third and last, the quilting machines have a quarter-inch piecing foot to make your quilt perfect. Knowing these distinctive features of the quilting machines, you are going to getting started in the world of the quilt and make all the quilts you want.


1. What kind of sewing machine do I need for quilting?

Every kind of standard sewing machine is useful to quilting, however, to avoid problems and guarantee the success of the process your sewing machine has to let you drop the feed dogs, have enough space for the free movement of the quilt, and have a free motion quilting foot. With these features, any kind of sewing machine is on the capacity to quilt.

2. How long does it take to make a quilt with a sewing machine?

The time you can spend to make a quilt is very variable, and dependents of the complexity in the pattern of the quilt. Besides, there are some previous steps to do after sitting on the sewing machine to start to join all the pieces. You can spend 48 hours cutting the small units, 5 hours sewing the blocks, 12 hours quilting, and other tasks. You can spend 100 hours or more to finish your quilt.

3. Is quilting an expensive hobby?

The quilting is a little bit expensive for all the materials and supplies. The products of cotton can cost nearly 12 $ per yard, and to make a good and fluffy quilt you need approximately 5 yards of fabric cotton. Besides, if to start this hobby you want to buy a quilting machine, the costs are going to increase significantly.

4. How do you quilt for beginners?

The best way you can quilt as a beginner is starting with simple patterns and organize all your ideas and supplies. If you follow a sequence, it is more probable that your quilt will be perfect. You must first cut the patterns, arm the units, sew the blocks, and have patience.


Despite making a quilt can be difficult and a real challenge, it is not impossible. Besides, you don’t need to buy the best and most expensive quilting machine because you can perfectly make a quilt with your sewing machine taking the rights recommendations.

The most important is to have the patience to make every stitch on the quilt on the proper position, and the quilt does not move of the other capes because the result will be a disaster. Like other sewing projects, the quilting is about creativity and fun. You do not need to spend all your money on a quilting machine to start this hobby because a sewing machine is enough.

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