Brother LX2375 Sewing Machine Reviews

Everyone has to begin from something and it is not an exception with sewing. But what model should one begin sewing with? To answer that question, let us introduce you to LX2375 by Brother Sewing, which we consider one of the best choices for beginners. In today’s Brother LX2375 Sewing Machine review, we will make sure you get a clear idea of what makes this machine so good. Let’s get started!

Brother LX2375 Sewing Machine Reviews

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Features of Brother LX2375 :

  • Stitching

The first feature that makes LX2375 a nice pick for beginners is the 20 built-in straight and zigzag stitches. The most basic set and nothing more! You can easily select the necessary stitch with the built-in dial.

With LX2375, you can adjust the width and the length of the stitch. Want tighter stitches? Lower both to get them!

Unfortunately, you won’t get built-in buttonholes with this machine. But that’s not a bad thing if you don’t need them!

  • Comfort

While this machine will satisfy the most inexperienced people out there, it lacks some features that could make it much more convenient. But let us start with the good first.

The easy bobbin system with winder will allow you to quickly install the bobbin and prepare the machine for your projects.

The built-in free arm is great for sewing smaller pieces of fabric like cuffs and sleeves.

The easy-to-use dials will help you quickly choose your stitches and set their length and width.

With the included foot controller, you can easily start and stop the machine with a touch of your foot without interrupting your work!

With LX2375, the quick-change presser feet will allow you to instantaneously swap them, so you get what you need for your current project.

As for the downsides of LX2375, you won’t get an auto threader, reverse, and auto trimming with it. While they are not extremely necessary with sewing, they may be huge timesavers if you have high-volume projects.

Besides, you may find the width of the free arm excessive for your tasks. Some models offer narrower free arms, so you should look among them if you will be working on small fabrics frequently.


LX2375 comes with the most basic set of accessories, that is, two sewing feet and two starter thread spools. That isn’t necessarily a bad thing because as a beginner, you probably won’t need too much initially. Besides, you can always get more accessories if you need them.

Now, let’s quickly recap the good and the bad of LX2375.


  • LX2375 is perfect for beginners!
  • 20 built-in straight and zigzag stitches.
  • Free arm to help you with sewing smaller pieces of fabric.
  • Convenient dials to pick your stitch and adjust its width and length.
  • The easy to load bobbin winder will quickly prepare your machine for work.
  • Quick-change presser feet.
  • Foot controls to regulate the speed of sewing with a touch of your foot.
  • Comes with what’s necessary to start working with the machine.
  • 25-year limited warranty.


  • Doesn’t have such time-saving features as auto threading, automatic trimming, and reverse/stitch locking.
  • Only straight and zigzag stitches. No built-in buttonholes.
  • The free arm may be too wide.
  • The set of LX2375’s accessories may be insufficient for you.

Who Should Buy Brother Sewing LX2375?

Brother Sewing LX2375 Price

Coming with the most basic features, LX2375 is an affordable choice for beginners. It is one of the best picks of sewing machines for those who are going to start developing their sewing skills. And our Brother LX2375 Sewing Machine review should have perfectly demonstrated that! While this machine doesn’t have some features like auto threading, which can be considered just a convenience by some, LX2375 will more than satisfy your most basic needs!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I know if this machine is suitable for my needs?

You have to understand what projects you will be doing with your sewing machine. Will it is just sewing or will you do quilting or embroidery? Which set of stitches, presser feet, and needles would be necessary for your projects? If you don’t understand what anything of these means, you should conduct research on sewing machines in general. Then, write down what you will need from your machine. That way, you will know what to look for.

  • What are the machine’s dimensions?

According to the product description on Amazon, the machine measures 18” x 8” 14”.

  • Can this machine sew buttonholes?

No, because it has only straight and zigzag built-in stitches.

  • Can I do quilting or embroidery with LX2375?

This machine doesn’t have such features as adjustable needle height, which will be a problem with quilting. Simply put, LX 2375 is not designed for quilting. As for embroidery, if you are satisfied with its set of built-in stitches, it should be able to work with lighter materials.

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Let’s Watch a Video Review of Brother LX2375!


That’s it for our Brother LX2375 Sewing Machine review! Hopefully, it will help the beginners out there to find their first sewing machine. Don’t you know how to find the best choice for you? Research sewing machines, know what you need, and look among the models that fit your requirements. That will surely make your search easier and quicker. Good luck!

Brother LX2375 Sewing Machine Reviews

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