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Hi, I'm Kaile. I run a small sewing business and love to do sewing craft. I have a great interest in various sewing tools, and equipment. Welcome to my blog.

5 Best Sheets To Keep You Cool At Night

Best Sheets To Keep You Cool At Night
In summer night, the most important thing you need is a cool and chilled environment to fall asleep. What best sheet should be a better help than a bed sheet that can keep you cool? Nowadays, the popularity of cooling…

10 Best Kids Sewing Projects

kids sewing projects
When kids learn to do things while young, they perfect it when grown up and they make it their hobby.  Kids like doing technical things while young and they develop attachments with those skills for the rest of their life.…

How to Iron Clothes: 7 Simple Steps

How to Iron Clothes
Not all clothes are supposed to be ironed. But those that may need it, ironing is a pretty much straightforward process unless you have never done it before. To iron clothes, you will have to prep your materials beforehand. Different…

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